Don't reinvent the wheel! Shop these time-saving models and templates to help you spend less time in the weeds of your organization and more time doing the "real" work of leading for impact.

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What You Get Inside the Hub

Recorded Webinar Trainings

A library of trainings on fundraising, developing your board, communication, thought leadership, finances, and more.

Time Saving Tools

A curated collection of proven, real-world templates and models that you can adapt for your own purposes.

Expert How-To Guides

Step-by-step guides drawn from the expertise and best-practices of organizations from around the country.

I've worked with, led, and supported hundreds of incredible, high-impact nonprofits over the past 20+ years, and one thing has been consistently true:

The more time you spend "in the weeds" on administrative tasks (like creating documents) the less time you have for the "real" work that moves your organization forward.

I created the Nonprofit Leadership Resource Hub to help solve that problem. It is a library of proven, time-saving templates and models, how-to guides and worksheets, and concrete webinar trainings in key areas.

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The tools in this library are designed to take the guesswork - and actual work! - out of creating key organizational resources, like budgets, employee manuals, compensation policies, thought leadership plans, board agendas, and more.

And the library keeps growing!

Each month (sometimes more frequently!), I add a new template, model, guide and/or webinar to the library. You can cancel at any time.