Nonprofit leaders: What if growing your organization didn’t have to feel so overwhelming? 

Grow your nonprofit to 7-figures confidently & sustainably, and without the constant threat of you and your team burning out!

(Even if you don’t have a big team, a huge & engaged board or a ton of major donors!)


When it comes to leading a nonprofit, let's be honest:
It can feel like you’re constantly putting out fires…

It can be hard to figure out the best way forward when you're always running between meetings… responding to emails... managing staff...  

I call it the tyranny of the urgent, and it creates two big problems: 

  • It makes strategic, intentional - and sustainable! - growth impossible, and
  • You and your team WILL burn out before you get to the level of impact you’re aiming for.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You can never find the time to actually think, vision and plan. 
  • You can’t figure out how to best leverage your small-but-mighty team, or how to get your (well-meaning) board to step up and engage in ways that are actually helpful.   
  • You’ve been to all of the fundraising workshops but somehow you still feel like you’re throwing spaghetti against a wall... 
  • You have a board but they don't fundraise & they aren't tapping their networks... you're wondering how to get them more engaged and proactive
  • Your programs are excellent and you know you could have an even bigger impact but you don’t have the staff - or the money - to grow them! 

You’re doing all of the things you’re supposed to be doing... The fundraising events and campaigns, board meetings and trainings, staff culture-building activities... All the things that have worked to get you to where you are. 

But you’re still on the verge of burnout, stressed about money, and plateaued... Dealing with in-the-moment crises instead of working towards those big goals in your strategic plan that are about the mission you care so much about.

The key to growth without burnout is
knowing what to focus on.

I want to help you create a roadmap to intentional, strategic and sustainable growth.


I'm Brooke!

And I've been where you are (and made it through to the other side!).

I’m a lawyer turned nonprofit founder turned impact strategist and coach. I’m an unapologetic strategy geek, 100% Virgo & INFJ, self-professed template queen, and an unabashed believer in the power of abundance to help us create lasting, positive impact in our world.

My social justice journey has been long and deep. I’ve always loved creating things…  putting pieces together into something bigger than the sum of their parts. When I was little, I built immense lego worlds and write stories about made-up civilizations, complete with government systems and languages! As I got older, that love translated into creating and growing high-impact social change movements & organizations.

Over the past 21 years that has led me on so many journeys…  I’ve been an organizer, lawyer, nonprofit founder and leader, board member, professor, podcast host, writer, strategist, and most recently, coach…

I’ve founded and built successful organizations from the ground-up, managed thriving teams and boards, built and leveraged extensive networks, and raised millions of dollars to support missions I believed in.

The throughline tying my many journeys together has been my deep passion for creating positive social change, and my love of strategy & systems.

That's where I can be helpful to you.

Imagine you had...

  • A team you could actually delegate to so you didn’t feel like everything was resting on your shoulders
  • A board that were your thought partners, moving the work forward WITH you 
  • A system for bringing in revenue consistently - not feast or famine 
  • A roadmap telling you exactly where to focus your limited time to get the most bang for your buck - to really move your organization forward!

Imagine you felt...

  • Confident in your leadership 
  • Energized by your work
  • Proud of your organization and it’s impact
  • Inspired by your team and board 
  • Excited about the impact you and your team are having in the communities you care about so much 

This is all possible.

You can work with me & my team to get the clarity and confidence to grow your organization sustainably, to greater impact.

This isn’t just a bunch of training videos and feel-good conversations that take up your time and effort.

This is an intimate, action-oriented group coaching and training program for mission-driven leaders who want a roadmap to grow their organization strategically and confidently, with wrap-around support and accountability from expert coaches…


Next Level Nonprofit

A 6-month high-touch coaching and training accelerator for nonprofit leaders of 6-figure organizations that want to take the guesswork out of growing towards 7-figures, and build their budget and impact without the constant threat of burning out. 

Inside Next Level Nonprofit you will learn how to...

  • Avoid costly decisions and missteps that lead to overwhelm, plateau and burnout 
  • Release yourself from the tyranny of low-leverage tasks, and gain back your time for real visioning, strategizing, and planning
  • Reduce the effort and sacrifice it takes to grow a powerful team you can actually delegate to
  • Mobilize your board to be *real* ambassadors and meaningful thought partners to you and your team
  • Attract (instead of chasing!) increased revenue by deepening your thought leadership and expanding your network
  • Transform your finances to prepare you for investment-level fundraising 
  • Take a deep breath, and stop feeling like you’re out on the proverbial limb by yourself (you’re not carrying it all alone!)  
  • Be clear and confident about the right next step on your path to growth

What you get inside
Next Level Nonprofit

Customized Growth Strategy

You get a thorough diagnostic of your organization’s infrastructure and systems, and then you and I work together to identify your Core Growth Goal, pulling back the layers, uncovering organizational strengths and challenges, and crafting a concrete strategy for YOUR organization. 

  • Comprehensive Organizational Diagnostic, giving you clear insight into your organization’s strengths, challenges, and low-hanging-fruit (often hidden!) opportunities for growth! 
  • Personalized Growth Playbook, where I map out my recommended step-by-step roadmap to achieve your Core Growth Goal, breaking your goal down into actionable milestones and action steps, and providing a curated training curriculum. 
  • 1:1 Coaching & Accountability Calls every month with your growth coach where you’ll get concrete support hitting your Core Growth Goal, and help navigating your real-rime leadership challenges as they arise.
  • Weekly Materials Review, an opportunity to submit documents and materials for personalized feedback and review each week. Whether you’re drafting your thought leadership plan, crafting an email nurture sequence, working on an agenda for a board meeting, or writing a new team member job description, you’ll get the attention and thoughts of me and the Next Level Nonprofit network of coaches.

Action-Oriented Training for You & Your Team

Leaders of growing nonprofits have a very unique set of needs and challenges. The typical boilerplate, “free content” action steps and advice that you find on google just won’t work. But you still need advice and guidance to make your way through the messy day-to-day as you build your capacity to implement high-level, big-vision strategy. The training curriculum inside of Next Level Nonprofit identifies the most common leadership questions and challenges and hiccups, and then provides concrete resources - from podcasts to audio trainings - to address them.

  • Step-by-Step Video & Audio Trainings, designed to help you structure, plan, strategize, organize, and implement best practices for your orgaization’s strategic planning, fundraising, board, staff structure and values, thought leadership, and operations.
  • Private, live, advanced-level workshops addressing current sector topics, critical organizational skills and capacity, and themes that arise in the program.  You’ll always have access to top-shelf, innovative, and updated information to support your decision-making. 
  • Time-Saving Implementation Library: An extensive library of pre-written policy, process, and document templates. Every element of the curriculum is supplemented by literally every tool you could possibly need to immediately execute what you’re learning.

Full Wrap-Around Support & Accountability

You are not alone on this journey.  There are so many times when leading an organization that you just need someone to think through a problem with you.  That’s why, in addition to the monthly private coaching, you also have access to weekly and monthly coaching support, as well as real-time feedback and advice from the program coaches, for those urgent questions, challenges, and growth opportunities.

  • Personal Mastermind Group: You will get a personal small-group mastermind group where, every month, you’ll get a chance to be in the “hot seat” - workshop a problem, and get feedback and thought partnership on a leadership questions and challenges in your organization.
  • “Ask Me Anything” Bi-Weekly Group Coaching & Strategy Calls where you can ask any question and or get real-time 1:1 coaching advice and support on any issue or challenge that you’re facing — personalized feedback and actionable strategies you can implement right away.
  • The Real-Time “Bat Signal”, available via Slack and Zoom,  is an additional way for you to reach out to Next Level Nonprofit team for help, to get access to resources, or to get a quick question answered via Slack or video response!

Intimate Executive Director Community

Being an executive director can be really lonely sometimes. The nature of this work also means that personal and organizational challenges can impact us in a way that is hard to articulate to people outside of our sector or role.  We’ve got your covered :) 

  • Access to Our Private, Members-Only Slack Community — This intimate community of peers is the perfect place to ask daily questions, collaborate, and openly share personal and professional challenges. We have intentionally worked to structure an open, affirming, safe, and constructive community for all of our members no matter your background, identity, culture, or life experience.

Plus these bonuses!

To help you move from idea to execution faster
and with less effort.


Professional Development Training For Your Staff 

Live quarterly trainings for your staff that cover topics central to their ability to own, plan and execute their work, lead and manage a team, and support positive team culture. 


Board Governance & Fundraising Workshops For Your Board

Live quarterly workshops for your board members on key governance topics, a private podcast - Governance on the Go! - that board members can use to build their capacity between meetings, and an entire bundle of resources to help you quickly set up and easily sustain a system for keeping your board informed and active throughout the year.


Curated Rolodex of Industry Experts, Consultant Discounts & Vetted Virtual Assistants

This network of incredible consultants, experts, and virtual assistants has been specifically curated to get you access to tangible support, discounts for consultation, and execution support in critical organizational areas, including fundraising, grant writing, copywriting, accounting and finances, and communications strategy and design.


Real-World Mentoring From Seasoned Practitioners 

When it’s time to put your plans into action, you don’t have to guess about the right steps to take. Through programs like our Board Chair Mentorship, and our Ask A Fundraiser programs, you, your team and your board will get paired with experienced practitoners to get another set of expert eyes on your strategies as you move from plan to flawless execution. 

Apply before October 1st to get a bonus 1:1 session with a fundraising coach!

Make this your best year-end appeal ever!

Get ready to bring 2022 to a close with a bang! Apply and enroll before October 1st and get two free fundraising coaching sessions to help you map out, tweak, and perfect your year-end appeal! 


When can I enroll?

The Next Level Nonprofit Program accepts applications on a rolling basis. We have new members joining throughout the year! 

How much time will I get with you?

How much time have you got? 

We start our work together with your 1:1 kickoff call that leads to the playbook, Core Growth Goal, and Program Playbook.  Then we’ll continue to work together inside the bi-weekly “Ask Me Anything” group-coaching calls, the monthly Mastermind sessions, and the weekly reviews of any project you’d like me to review in your organization. 

In between these sessions, you can always access my advice and guidance through our private Slack community, and the Bat Signal for challenges that come up suddenly. I’ll be consistently working with you to build the structures that will grow your organization - tweaking tweak and tinkering with your strategies until your organization is set up to grow smoothly and sustainably.

How do I know this will work for me? 

The members who see the MOST success in our 6 months together are the ones that take advantage of all of the expert-level support found inside the program.

Our group calls will give you laser-focused clarity for the next right steps in your organization, but it’s the curriculum, consultant Rolodex, the board chair mentorship and ask a fundraiser programs, the Slack channel and the peer community that gives you the in-the-moment, day-to-day “what do I do right now?” confidence and certainty.

Can’t I find out what I need to learn through google and free trainings? 

When you’re organization is really ready to grow, cookie-cutter strategies and free workshops just won’t cut it. You’ll move faster, and avoid costly mistakes and missteps by getting personalized strategic coaching and support that is right for YOUR organization. 

How much time will this take?

There is no one set answer to this question because every NLNP member starts from a different place and has their own unique circumstances and experiences in terms of how much time and focus they can devote each week to the program.

What I can say is that the structured parts of the program - the coaching calls, Mastermind, and monthly private trainings - are about 5-7 hours/ month. The members who see real growth in their revenue, teams, and boards spend at least this time. 

As you optimize your organization, the program will also reduce your effort and give you back your time by taking a lot of the low-leverage execution and sensemaking off your plate through our Implementation Library, Rolodex of already vetted support, and VAs for hire. 

What if we don’t have the right board and staff right now? Will this still work for us?  

The process of refining, developing (and often rebuilding!) your board and staff is one of the hallmarks of a growing nonprofit. We help you navigate this tricky process by working along side you to build the skills and capacity of your staff and board, and helping you build systems to find and recruit the right people for your team. 

Can I invite my staff/ board?

Absolutely! Growing an organization is a team effort, and the stronger your team is the easier your work will be! 

All of the curriculum materials, Implementation toolkits and templates, group coaching calls, private trainings, and mentorship opportunities are available to your entire team. The only part of the program that we ask the Executive Directors themselves to participate in is the Mastermind, as that is designed to be a source of peer guidance and support for EDs.  

We haven’t raised 6-figures yet. Is the program a good fit for us? 

Next Level Nonprofit is best suited for organizations that have the core pieces of their organization in place, and are looking for guidance and support in structuring them to support meaningful growth. This typically means at least 2-3 staff people, 1-2 established funders, and sufficient funding to invest in growth.  Often, this means that the organization is raising at least 6-figures in revenue each year. 

How quickly will I see results?

During our initial kickoff, you and I will walk through the results of your diagnostic and lift up opportunities for small shifts and tweaks you can make to begin to see immediate progress -- a different kind of meeting with you board… The new employee handbook you’ve had on your to-do list for months… A strategy for your upcoming coffee with a potential major donor… You’ll have strategies and ideas for immediate wins within the first couple of weeks! 

Plus, you’ll get a playbook that maps out a step-by-step plan for success over your first 3 months in the program! 

How long will I have access to the program and content? 

You’ll have lifetime access to the templates and resources in the Implementation Library, and as long as you’re an active member of the program, you’ll have access to the coaching support, coaching calls, and curriculum!

Next Level Nonprofit

  • Customized Growth Strategy
  • Relevant, Action-Oriented Training for You AND Your Team
  • Wrap-Around Support & Accountability
  • Intimate Executive Director Community of Practice & Peer Support
  • BONUS:  Professional Development Programming For Your Staff: 
  • BONUS: Board Governance & Capacity Building Resources
  • BONUS: Curated Rolodex of Experts, Consultants and Implementors
  • BONUS:  Real-World Mentoring From Seasoned Practitioners

Clarity, confidence & support to grow your organization without burnout.

You know how precious your time, energy, and money are. Stop spending time on strategies that don’t actually help you grow your organization, and that could actually lead to plateau or burnout for you, your team, or your board.

Next Level Nonprofit will show you what to focus on, help you identify and prioritize the right growth goals, and support you in building the infrastructure you’ll need to transform your organization and sustain your growth in the long term.