What would it be like to accomplish in one day what would normally take three months of consulting to get done?

VIP Days lead to incredible organizational clarity about goals, plans, and next steps in key areas of your leadership and organization. 

Each experience is customized to your unique needs and goals.

Achieve the same impact as several months of consulting in one power-packed day.

Personal Leadership Retreat

The Content.

A retreat just for you. A highly focused day set aside to reflect, brainstorm, strategize and plan the ideas and systems that will both anchor and motivate your leadership & your organization.

We dedicate the entire day to big picture thinking & planning. We get you out of the weeds and create real space for you to think about and actually create plans for, your leadership and your organization. 


Reflection & Setting Intentions

You will have time to pause and reflect on your organization, your vision, your plans & your own leadership. You'll take time to set clear intentions for both where you want to go personally as a leader, as well as how you want to get there


Clarifying Strategic Vision & Priorities

A clear theory of change and strategic vision are critical to sustainable leadership. We'll make sure you're clear about the direction in which you want to take your organization, and the core priorities around which you want to orient your work.


Assessment & Asset Mapping

We'll take a deep look at your organization's structures and systems - including your staffing, board, partnerships - and determine where there are strengths and resources to be leveraged, as well as where there are gaps & challenges to be navigated.


Knowing Your Numbers

You will get clear on the key financial, operational, and programmatic numbers that make your organization run, and we'll explore how to use those numbers to make informed decisions that drive your impact and growth.


Mapping & Planning

Your organization is an ever-evolving entity. You'll translate your intentions, priorities, and numbers into concrete plans and action steps for the coming year. We'll identify the core systems and supports required to support your work.


Board Governance Revamp

The Content.

A day of deep-dive explorations of the structures and systems that will enable your board members to maximize their engagement and that will support your board in practicing the most effective governance possible.

We'll look at your board together and come up with both small shifts and bigger changes that will help your board step fully into its governance role, and provide you the support you need – faster.


Assessment & Asset Mapping

We’ll begin by examining your current board, getting insights from board members, and identifying strengths, resources, gaps and needs. 


Governance Deep Dive: Decisions

We'll look at how to make sure your board has - and uses - the information it needs to make strong governance decisions. You'll receive templates and models for board packets, a structure for monthly updates, and KFI dashboards, and more.


Governance Deep Dive: Structures

We'll explore the structural changes your board needs to make to fully govern itself and the organization. We’ll look at board makeup, committee structures, and meeting structures, and identify changes that will strengthen your board in the short and long term. You'll receive templates for board development, outreach and onboarding, meeting agendas, check-ins, and more.


Governance Deep Dive: Ambassadorship

We'll map out how to help your board members become the most effective ambassadors for the organization. We’ll talk about how to build systems to support meaningful board engagement, and you'll receive templates for individual engagement plans, and tools for individual member fundraising planning.


Mapping & Planning

We'll use the information from the deep dive explorations to create a personalized organizational roadmap to bring back to your board, to begin the process of revamping their governance structures and practices.

What To Expect

The Structure.

  • We get started with a 30-minute VIP-Day Planning Call to determine your goals and focus for the day.
  • You and other key stakeholders complete a comprehensive pre-VIP Day Assessment.
  • The VIP Day itself will be broken up into 2-3 hour sessions over 1 or 2 consecutive days, based on your specific needs.
  • ​After your VIP Day, you’ll get access to your recorded calls; relevant, curated training materials; and the resources and templates that I create for you during the day.
  • You'll have access to a 60-min follow-up call 30-60 days after the VIP day.

During the VIP Day, expect:

A combination of personal reflection, brainstorming, 1:1 coaching, and dedicated, sharply-focused planning time...

...A lot of multi-color post-it notes, worksheets, and calendaring...

... and an opportunity to integrate your personal priorities into your plans for your organization. 

The Investment.

The total cost for each VIP Day is $7500.

What's Next?

A VIP Day isn’t for everyone. I want to make sure that this content and structure will serve you and your organization best.

VIP Days are best for:

  • Organizational leaders - Executive Directors, CEOs, etc. These days are an opportunity for organizational leaders to step out of the weeds and create space and time to work on the organization, not just in it.
  • Leaders and organizations that are committed to implementation. Mindset is the key tenant for success, and any plans we develop will falter without a commitment to execution. This is particularly true for the Board governance work.
  • Organizations with the budget and infrastructure to enable the ED to truly step away for a full day, and to be fully present for the VIP Day experience.
  • Leaders that are willing to co-create an action plan, and that are open to exploring shifts in, and changes to, existing practices, systems, and approaches.

Ready to see if this is the right fit?