Take these quizzes to discover what to prioritize to grow nonprofit with more confidence & without overwhelm!

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Growing an organization can feel like a juggling act!

The key to growth without overwhelm is knowing where to focus your resources for maximum impact!

Take one, two, or all of these quizzes to discover what to prioritize - and what you can let go of! - in the 3 core areas of organizational stability: Strategic Clarity, Organizational Capacity, and Capital.

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Every high-impact is a balance of the same core ingredients.

High-impact, sustainable organizations meet common benchmarks in three core areas:

  • CLARITY about their strategic direction,
  • The CAPACITY to drive and sustain impact, and
  • Sufficient CAPITAL to fuel their work and support their team.

Take the quizzes below to discover where your organization stands relative to best-practice benchmarks in each of these areas.

Get insight into what to prioritize to support growth without overwhelm!

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Take The Organizational Clarity, Capacity & Capital Assessment Quizzes

How Clear Is Your Strategic Direction?

Your Strategic Clarity is your organization's North Star.

It lays the foundation for effective internal planning & decision-making, as well as for powerful fundraising & expanded thought leadership.

How Strong Is Your Organizational Capacity?

Your Organizational Capacity is your organization's people power.

Having a strong team, board, and extended network will give you the fuel you need to expand and deepen your impact.

How Robust Are Your Revenue & Finances?

Your Capital is your organization's fuel.

Having sufficient capital ensures that you have the resources you need to pay your team, invest in infrastructure, and build your impact!

Growing your nonprofit can feel like a juggling act!

Get a roadmap to a bigger budget, stronger team, and more impact!