A step-by-step blueprint for starting your nonprofit? Literally, everything you needed to launch with confidence & skill!

The Launch Lab is a 6-part online course for mission-driven people who want turn their idea for social change into a high-impact nonprofit.

Get skills & support to clarify your vision, get your first donors and foundation grants, build your board, develop your brand, and create a community of raving supporters!


Are you ready to launch your nonprofit?

Starting a nonprofit can feel overwhelming and scary. But it doesn't have to.
Not if you have a blueprint and a guide.

As a founder myself, I've been where you are. And I've helped founders all over the country start and build organizations that change communities and lives.

I'd be honored to work with you too.

The Launch Lab will help you launch the right way, saving you years of
painful and expensive trial and error.

"When I first started I had just an idea but no plan. Now I have my first board and I've raised my first $70K. It is so detailed and provided me with clear steps on how to start my organization. This experience changed my perception of what it means to run a nonprofit. It opened me up to how much I can really do."
-- Nayla

Is the Launch Lab right for you?

The Launch Lab is for determined and ambitious founders who don't want to spin their wheels, agonize over what to do next, or waste time and energy wondering... "Do I really have what it takes to start this organization?"

The Launch Lab is perfect for you if...

  • You see a real need in the world, but you don't know the first thing about the "nonprofit building" part of things
  • You don't want to get the basics wrong: How to build a board? How to create a budget? How to get the legal and financials right? All of the things...
  • You need things like a budget and a strategic plan, but you're not sure how to create them
  • You’ve been doing great work but now you need to know how to turn your programs into something that can actually raise funding
  • You've been googling free resources and cobbling things together, and it all feels so confusing: You want to know the right answer!

By the End of The Launch Lab, You Will Have Mastered

How to create a strategic plan & define your brand

including how to clarify your program model, develop your goals, and communicate your vision & unique brand to potential partners and supporters.

How to build and manage your first board of directors

including exactly how to find and invite new board members, what to do in board meetings, and how to keep them engaged.

How to find and activate donors and funders

including how to know who your best donors and funders are, where to find them, and how to get them excited about what you're doing.

How to build your and network of support

including how to find the "people power" you need when you don't yet have the funding to support them!

What you get in the Launch Lab.

5 Launch Kits each covering one of the five foundational areas of the start-up process.

Each Launch Kit includes step-by-step video/audio training lessons and guidebooks, guided worksheets to help you implement what you're learning, concrete examples and done-for-you models and templates for *everything* you need (from board meeting agendas to budgets to fundraising campaigns), and an action plan to show you your exact next steps.

The Launch Kit Topics

  • Build Your Strong Foundation: Build your organization on a strong foundation: Clarify Your Mission, Vision, and Theory of Change 
  • Craft The Right Strategy: Clarify your north star so you can achieve your vision for impact: Craft Your Program Design, Strategic Plan, and Evaluation Plan
  • Find Your People: Make sure you’re building the capacity you need to fuel your work:  Build Your Board of Directors and Network of Supporters
  • Know Your Numbers: Get clear about how you’ll fund your work: Develop Your Budget & Fundraising Plan
  • Secure Buy-in: Make sure people buy into your vision: Develop Your Communication Strategy, Brand, & Website 


Get answers to questions, advice, and support in real-time through the Launch Lab community & coaching network.


Join our monthly group coaching sessions to review your work and workshop your specific challenges. You can invite anyone on your team!


You’ll also get access to an extensive library of bonus training webinars to develop additional skills for growing a high-impact nonprofit.

  • The Fundamentals of Organizational Design
  • Find Your Zone of Genius
  • Content Marketing for Nonprofits
  • The Post-It Planning System
  • Metrics & Evaluation: OKRs and KPIs  


I want you to be able execute what you learn quickly and easily. You'll get templates and models for everything, from fundraising plans and board meeting agendas, to hiring protocols and donor emails!

Real People. Real Results.

I no longer feel a deep pain in my chest when I think about or talk to my board members. I can breathe. I have more confidence. Brooke helped me realize that I am enough. I can stand in my power.

-- Robyne

"Brooke has an incredible capacity to be nurturing, inspiring, and encouraging. The entire team was uplifted by our sessions with her. I was especially amazed by the effectiveness of her process, and what it enabled us to accomplish. Her guidance will have a lasting positive impact on our organization for years to come."

- Rebecca

A bit about me...

Hi! I'm Brooke.

If I had a personal manifesto, it would be about social justice and creating impact... about getting to the root of things, and about building strong foundations to support transformational work... it would be about the beauty of translating the chaos of vision into the order of a plan.

I think we all have a purpose, and mine is to help mission-driven people create and lead institutions that change the world.

If you’re driven to try to build something that will bring about the change you want to see in the world, then I’m driven to help you.  

I've spent the past 20 years working as a nonprofit founder, leader, social entrepreneur, and lawyer at social change organizations throughout the country. I've built and scaled million-dollar organizations from the ground-up, sat on and Chaired the boards of both start-up organizations and multi-million dollar non-profits, and helped over a hundred nonprofit leaders design the strategies and systems they need to reach their first $1M in budget and impact.

I'm excited to work with you.


Let's get you ready to launch!