Do you want a step-by-step system for getting more donors?

Does fundraising sometimes feel like throwing spaghetti against a wall and hoping for the best? It does not have to feel that way!

Now imagine a world where…

  • You knew exactly what steps to take to find & build relationships with new donors.
  • You knew what it feels like to have donations flow easily into your organization.
  • You could get rid of the overwhelm that comes with constantly thinking, “What do I do next?”

This 8-part audio course gives you an entire system for bringing in more money for your mission. Take the guesswork out of finding, cultivating & activating new donors — in proven and actionable ways.

I'm ready to get donors!


Start Building Your
Donor Base

Finding and activating donors does not have to take a long time, or be difficult. Listen to this audio course on the go & get concrete strategies that will have you heading into the fundraising season totally prepared to find more donors and raise more money!

What's Included In Your Course...









You'll Learn How To...

Define Your Ideal Donor

Learning who you should be talking to and engaging with is the first step in the Get More Donors system. By understanding the basic rules of how donors work and think, and getting crystal clear about your ideal donor, it will be easier for you to find and attract (and eventually activate!) new donors.

Included Resources:

  • Donor Avatar worksheet + Interview guide
  • The Rules of Donor Psychology Guide

Find & Get In Front of
The Right Prospects

Generating awareness about your work and attracting your ideal audience is the next step in getting more donors. You'll learn the strategies and techniques for finding your ideal donor, getting their attention, and beginning a relationship that will ultimately lead to a donation.

Included Resources:

  • Donor Mapping Worksheet
  • "Stages" & "Pages" Strategy Planner

Turn Prospects Into

New Donors

Turning prospects into donors is absolutely essential to growing nonprofit. In this course, I'll give you helpful tips and actionable techniques for nurturing your prospects and building the kinds of relationships that make them want to give. You'll also get examples of compelling emails and model cultivation events to kickstart your thinking.

Included Resources:

  • Donor Cultivation Email Templates
  • Donor Cultivation Event Plan Templates
  • Spotlight on Establishing Your Unique Voice 

Activate Your Donors For
More Revenue

When it comes down to it, getting donations requires asking. In this course, you'll learn how to make the ask - through 1:1 conversations, targeted campaigns, and transformational events.

Included Resources:

  • The Anatomy of an Effective Campaign
  • The Anatomy of an Effective Event
  • How To Make a 1:1 Ask

Are you ready to raise some money?

Grab your headphones & let's get started!

Bonus Access to the Fundraising Strategies Summit Bundle!

INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE: Learn some of the best fundraising secrets about branding, foundation relationships, and corporate partnerships from 4 incredible sector experts! Get their insider advice about how to get noticed by funders, build powerful relationships, and fundraise from a place of strength.    

How To Use Your Brand To Fuel Your Fundraising

A Conversation with Sarah Durham

Fundraising with Foundations in A Time of Crisis... And Beyond

A Conversation with Jennifer Ching

How To Actually Start & Build Relationships with Corporations

A Conversation with Pam Hacker

The Myth of Sustainability& Fundraising Without Scarcity

A Conversation with
Vu Le

About Me

I'm Brooke! I'm a social justice lawyer turned nonprofit founder turned impact strategist and coach. I’m an unapologetic strategy geek, 100% Virgo & INFJ, self-professed template queen, and unabashed believer in the power of abundance to help us create true, positive impact in our world.

My social impact journey has been long and deep. I’ve always loved building things… putting pieces together into something bigger than the sum of their parts. For most of my life, that love has translated into creating and growing high-impact social change movements & organizations.

Over the past 21 years I’ve had so many journeys… I’ve been an organizer, lawyer, nonprofit founder and leader… I’ve been a professor of law, social entrepreneurship, and nonprofit leadership… I’ve been a board member and board officer many times over… I’ve built a successful nonprofit from the group-up, managed a thriving team, and raised millions of dollars to support a mission I believed in. Through it all, what ties my many journeys together, is my deep passion for creating social change.

When I’m not helping my clients & students launch and build exciting, world-changing organizations, I’m usually listening to one of my many favorite podcasts, building couch forts with my husband and sons, or pausing for a moment for a glass of wine, a cheese and chocolate plate, and a new documentary.

You May Have Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program is perfect for you if you're ready to become a better fundraiser. It's especially useful for founders, new fundraisers, and leaders of early-stage nonprofits.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a one-time fee of $97 for the entire 8-part course AND the bonuses! You'll also get access to any new content that I add in the future!

How Long Do I Have To Complete the Program?

You can take as much time as you need to complete the materials! There’s absolutely no fixed schedule, time limit, or deadline. I do, however, suggest dedicating 1-2 hours each week for the content to be most effective.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information about how best to get in touch with questions about the content, or about technical support for online access.

Let's get started!