A Podcast Mini-Course On Growing & Maintaining An Engaged Nonprofit Board

Here’s what you’ll find inside

Understanding & Practicing Liberatory Governance, with Natalie Bamdad and Ananda Valenzuela

The what, why, and how of Liberatory Governance. 

The Transformative Power of A Truly Engaged Board, with George Suttles

Learn what is possible when you have a truly engaged board

A Simple, Powerful Tool For Maintaining Board Engagement

Learn the structure, mechanics, and power of a board update dashboard.

How to Create The Special Magic of a High-Impact Nonprofit Board

Learn what's at the root of how to build, measure, and maintain a truly high-impact nonprofit board.

The Meaning & Mechanics Behind Build a Truly Engaged Board, with Christal Cherry

Christal is a master at helping boards achieve and govern from a sense of shared purpose, deep mission affinity, and belonging.